Playing with a xp x64 (my favourite windows by far) in Linux using VMWare - Update related question

Windows XP Releases Both (x86) And (x64)
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Playing with a xp x64 (my favourite windows by far) in Linux using VMWare - Update related question

Post by Benzophile » Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:12 am


So I have used this site : to update a VMWare installed xp x64, one that I own with a real key. When I bought a desktop in late 2004, AMD had just come out with cheap 64 bit processors, well relatively cheap. in fact I went with a really expensive mobo at the time, Asus a8n SLI Deluxe with a dual core 4400mhz AMD64-FX chip, I wanted a desktop that would last 10 years and it lasted 8 years, with pci-express video cards (2), so I went ahead and bought XP x64, knowing that a few years later tons of applications would have 64 bit counterparts, if not already. I have so much disk space, that if my experiment with VMWare and an iso of my disk, I would do really well (look at my profile for computer specs...I forgot to say that 2 of my hard drives are plugged in the only 2 6gb/s or otherwise there would be more connected this way. Enough bragging.

What made me curious is that after installing these updates and following that guide to the letter, I would get a yellow winupdate shield saying I had an update which was just September 2015's Malrware Removal Toolkit or whatever it's official name. September 2015, I was being offered updates past July 2015 when supposedly it all came to an end update-wise for XP x64...and the guide to get updates through 2019 isn't simple like creating a .reg for winxp 32bits, here : ... 1b0f59bf03

So, I thought, hey AutoPatcher was amazing back then, I preferred using it to regular windows update, due to how much faster it was compared to xp's horrible (7 wins here, I got a Win7 x64 ultimate partition and a Linux Mint 17.2 partition, right now in it, because VMWare for Linux was so much cheaper 8-) and also Linux isn't a memory hog, although performance got better when I realized I had 2 hard drives that were 6GB/second in 7, I still would really enjoy having a working still updating xp x64 especially for no nonsense stuff like video conversion, DVDFab, Virtualdub and Avidemux all work way better in xp x64. So I got the new AP, and did like back then, although I notice that apup.exe is gone and things work differently now. Selected only the update to AP and xp x64. Now it downloaded a bunch of updates, some the system already has, which are in blue...thats what it means right? I forgot. And then a bunch of other updates. It also made a couple updates from 2009 and 2011 (being in xp, its hard to know unlike 7 which is which once i installed them. I remember when I gave up on it and installed win7 x64 ultimate over it, it would constantly nag me about these 2 updates, but i'm not sure they are the same ones.

So, all these updates not on that site which has the official windows updates of each month...what are all these other updates (I only picked winxp x64 updates and nothing else, so all I got is Critical and Non-Critical (I imagine they are Optional Updates, I have 4 from before I even used AP for .NET 4.0, so I say eff these, mandatory updates are already long enough to install (not to mention 4.5/4.5.2 in win7.

So, when I use IE for WU's, it doesn't see what AP sees but another command line program called WUInstallPro, which for an instant, but not anymore, told me about 137 updates, being these AP found to be missing, the gray ones, right? I forgot the difference between blue and gray results and why would AP would offer the update again if it is already there.

WUInstall went back to normal a bit later after a reboot, telling me about these 4 optional updates I won't do, especially Windows Search 4.0...pfft lol, who uses that, never saw anybody ever who had this installed even way back.

Anyways, the question here is, what is AP saying with all these results, and the gray ones and the blue highlighted updates when apparently I got everything possible. I'm trying to figure out the way to have it, xp x64 update thorugh 2019, the regular xp is much easier, its a .reg creation thing and there you go, while as you can see, the x64 "crack" is a lot more complicated, it seems like its missing info, I emailed the dude who made it for clarifications, so I'm not asking about that, although if somebody knows how to do it and what I'm supposed to download from Microsoft to have it work, well, I'll take it.

i'm glad this great project of yours is still going on, at some time it wasn't even possible to download AP, and if you could apup.exe was missing....keeping old downloads has its advantages, had it running then before going to win7 where I don't need AP really.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Playing with a xp x64 (my favourite windows by far) in Linux using VMWare - Update related question

Post by TheAPGuy » Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:44 am

Wow a text wall.

Blue means installed. They are listed so you can right click and hit uninstall if you wish. Grey ones are ones you can not install for what ever reason it tells you about. Click the grey one and it will tell you why you can not install.

Critical updates are the updates that Microsoft as labeled as such. Non critical updates are Microsoft's recommended updates and updates that fix issues but, may not effect all users. Remember 99% of what you download comes from MS servers. The only thing that you get from us beside the Autopatcher are the scripts that tell AP where to get the updates, how to install, remove, and detect the updates.

Apup.exe is missing because it was merged with Autopatcher. When you start autopatcher you are presented with two choices "download updates" or "install updates".

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