Big discrepancy in lists from v6.2.0.6 and

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Big discrepancy in lists from v6.2.0.6 and

Postby John_in_Mtl » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:41 am

Hello to you All, especially WAC & ViroMan,

I'm a long time user of Autopatcher, from about the mid XP days. I've always relied on your program to patch my machines and 99% of the time all went well. So first and foremost, Thank You, for making AutoPatcher, it has made my life as a small-time admin much easier.

lately I've had problems with the various 6.2.xx versions, some of which were reported by other users and others that have me stumped. Like the one here... Look at the 2 screenshots I've attached.

- When run, v6.2.0.6 shows all my installed (blue) and not installed patches.
- When I run v6.2.0.9 however, all my installed patches are not shown and only a few non-installed patches are shown.
- I usually do not install the "recommend updates". In both versions, this list is fully populated with the exception that v6.2.0.9 does not show the few updates already installed!

Weird, isn't it? I've encountered this problem on another machine at the beginning of the month and I think (don't exactly remember, sorry) I was running v6.2.0.0 or v6.2.0.2.

So my question: what's happening, why is AP behaving this way, what am I missing here? I always run AP as administrator and have windows update disabled except when I actually patch the machine since AP doesn't seem to apply patches if its disabled. At any rate, enabled or disabled doesn't change anything as concerns this problem.

I've included the autopatcher.log file as well, if it might help. The log file might not be of much use since I just restarted AP and didn't do anything. Sadly, I did not save the log file of the initial run of v6.2.0.9.

Thanks for anything you can do about this :)
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v6.2.0.9 shows partials
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Re: Big discrepancy in lists from v6.2.0.6 and

Postby TheAPGuy » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:50 am

That is because it is hiding the already installed updates. :)
Pretty nice, right? If you don't like it there is a check box you can turn off in options.

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Re: Big discrepancy in lists from v6.2.0.6 and

Postby John_in_Mtl » Fri Aug 26, 2016 6:31 pm

Well I be damned, AP Guy !! That "fixed" it :oops:

I haven't had to go into the "Options" menu for years since AP works properly for me "out of the box" and didn't even know you could hide updates that way! In the next AP version rollout, I'll make sure to explore all the menus, ther might be some nifty new stuff there :D .

Thank you for taking the time to reply, have a good day!

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