AutoPatcher Vista (x86) Hotfix Depot

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Re: AutoPatcher Vista (x86) Hotfix Depot

Postby Whatacrock » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:57 pm

Windowsa Vista x86 updated March 14, now available

+KB3196726; +KB3203838; +KB3204723; +KB3205638; +KB3205715; +KB3214051; +KB3216775; +KB3216916; +KB3217587;
+KB3218362; +KB4012204; +KB4012497; +KB4012583; +KB4012584; +KB4012598; +KB4011981;
-KB2544893; -KB978542; -KB3078071; -KB3093983; -KB3034196; -KB3033889; -KB2957509;

Please report if any are superseded or more needing inclusion
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