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Error Message

Post by angrota » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:06 pm


Receiving the error message:

Autopatcher v6.1.32 Has Started at 12/29/2015 7:54:25 AM

Starting Autopatcher From E:\AutoPatcher-v6_1_32

Detected OS: English (1033) Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 Service Pack 1
Current Locale: English / Non-Unicode Default: English
Deleting File C:\#AutoPatcher_Temp#\apengine.rtiz
Error Detected: File not found in ReleaseIntegrity.IndexRTIFiles At Line 0

Which adjustments (if any) should I make?

Thank you!

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Re: Error Message

Post by Pendraguin » Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:39 am

Hi angrota,

Try hitting the X in the top right corner of the error message window. What happens? The window should close but leave AP open and let you continue.

If that doesn't work, close AP, delete the file apengine.rtiz from your AP folder, then run AP again. I just tried v6.1.32, and was able to download updates with no errors.

And if THAT doesn't work, try installing the latest AP (v6.1.40) and running it. You can have the exe's for both in the same folder if you want, so long as they have different names - for example, AutoPatcher6132.exe and AutoPatcher6140.exe.

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Re: Error Message

Post by ChrisJ » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:08 pm

It would be interesting to know a few things about this setup - what releases are in \modules if any, what is E:\ - a local partition or something else, what does Sweeper have to say, has AP (older versions, possibly 5756) ever started up successfully on this system, is this a new issue starting with AP6132...? and yes, what about AP6140, will it start?

AP 6132 & 6140 should coexist fine together for testing purposes. I usually extract the latest zip to a \tmp folder, rename autopatcher.exe, and move the exe to my working directory. I leave the official exe (official script) intact so it can be detected (Blue), and rename the other exe, in this case I would leave 6132 as AutoPatcher.exe and rename 6140 as Pendraguin suggested, AutoPatcher6140.exe.

It is true that when errors have occured with AP, rather than clicking the Exit, Close, or OK buttons, clicking X will get rid of the error dialog box and keep AP open - usually. Definetly worth a try but the bug needs squashing too.

I hope angrota pays us another visit, I'm also interested in what APGuy has to say on the matter. It kinda sounds like the error may have something to do with a missing file in \bin, \translations, I believe thats what the apengine.rti file verifies. I wonder if AP can open to DU|IU to update AutoPatcher Engine 6132 to confirm all files are present and accounted for...?

Also, good idea (as mentioned) to test by removing the rti(z) file altogether, process of elimination. You might want to add a new folder in your \AutoPatcher directory so you can move rather than delete files while testing - just in case. I generally name the folder in a way that it is at the top when sorted - \0.misc.

As always, just suggestions 8-)

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Re: Error Message

Post by TheAPGuy » Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:44 am

huh... I missed this thread somehow.
OK that error is strange since nothing happens before line 102 that could give an error that you would not have seen much sooner. There are about 4 lines for setting up error catching things and about 9 variables to create. That is it. I will poke around, its possible another function call is not returning error strings to proper before returning.

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