Color code in updates never change

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Color code in updates never change

Postby Dumedo » Mon May 30, 2016 2:34 pm

Hi, I'm new here on the forum but I'm an old user of Autopatcher (since Windows XP).

At the moment I'm using v6.2.0 on windows 7(x64) and I have big problems updating fresh installed version of win7.

In the last 2 years it took 10/15 hours (start autopatcher and leave it alone) to end an Autopatcher session; after that I use classic Windows Update to check if it needs more update. But in these days it is really difficult to update in Windows Update because it keep searching for hours, and I have tryed every fix I found by googling to fix it with no or few luck (some pc fix works some not).

I found on this forum a post about restarting wuauserv if trustedinstaller is too much time idle at 0% and it is a bit annoying but it works.

The Problem
At the moment the problem is that, after a first run of Autopatcher, every time I reload it (to check new unlocked updates) I still have the same black ones and the same blue ones (updates). And this happen now on 2 different PC (a notebook and a desktop PC with fresh install of windows 7 pro (x64)). I have this in "Critical updates" and in "Suggested updates".
Checking the installed updates I can see that the black ones are not listed so they are not installed and obviously the blue ones are.

I suppose that the black ones are the updates I need to install, they are selected by default by Autopatcher, but they keep coming back and selected by default by Autopatcher, and I suppose every time something is isnatlled because every time Autopatcher end installlation and I restart the PC I got the "update installation in progress" screen. I got no error message.
Windows update is not working for Windows 7 on most PC so I can't understand if I have all the updates needed on a PC.

I did some search on Windows 7(x64) topic here but I got with no luck. I also used some tutorial (Tutorial: How to use Autopatcher with new installations of Windows 7 and some others)

Is it all normal or I need to do something to fix this?

Is there a fast way to select only the black updates in "suggested updates"?


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Re: Color code in updates never change

Postby TheAPGuy » Sat Jun 11, 2016 9:16 pm

The black updates are one that AP believes you have not installed yet. If you know for a fact you have already installed them, then there is a good chance there is bad detection for that install. Make sure to list the ones that are not being detected as installed when you are sure they are and post the list here.

also yes you can auto select suggested updates by adding the switch "/recommended" to autpatcher. Right click drag autopatcher.exe and hit create shortcut. hit properties on the shortcut and then where it says target add in /recommended at the end with a space between autopatcher.exe" /recommended

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Re: Color code in updates never change

Postby Dumedo » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:12 pm

Late reply, sorry.

Thank you for your reply.

I'm using AP from a long time now, and every time I got this same problem. In the past I simply do 2 pass from AP then a "check" in windows update solved the problem. But now in windows 7, windows update is really bugged and every pc I fix/clean/restore takes an huge amount of time just to check and try to fix windows update.

So it is also time consuming to manually check wich update is installed and wich not, for every windows 7 pc with this problem (most of them have) and I don't think this is a good solution.

ATM Windows update don't work and Autopatcher also don't work.

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Re: Color code in updates never change

Postby Whatacrock » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:30 pm

@Dumedo --- Read this tutorial and you may find some solutions to your issue, even I have read and executed Autopatcher on some stubborn systems brought to me.
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Re: Color code in updates never change

Postby ChrisJ » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:43 pm

To add to what Wac suggested... though I think you might have already viewed the page in the link above:
* You might want to get the latest AP, v626, this might help with some of your issues.
* June 2016 Rollup for Windows 7 has a few fixes for Windows Update.
* Start by looking at the update history in Control Panel and compare that to the updates that are still listed black in AP when they should be blue.
* Did any updates scream that they're incompatible with your system?

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