Run Autopatcher V6 unattended?

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Run Autopatcher V6 unattended?

Post by miguel » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:42 am


I used to be able to run older versions of autopatcher unattended, is it possible to do the same on the latest version? Please help!

AutoPatcher.exe" /nolicense /unattend /minimal /noeula /noreboot /nodetection /answerfile:c:\installers\AutoPatcher_18042017\FandFSecurityUpd_18042017.aaf

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Re: Run Autopatcher V6 unattended?

Post by TheAPGuy » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:40 pm

hmm yes I see... something is skipped... I will poke it with a stick.

looks like I broke a few paths.. putting the pieces together.

Think I got it hammered out... some testing to do...

Uploaded new version to fix that issue. :)
Also.. /noeula was redundant and no longer works since /nolicense takes care of both screens (I figured if you didn't want to see one screen you did not want to see the other)
Also... /minimal and /unattend do not need to be together... as long as /unattend is in there it will continue to install things for you as if you were clicking on things. With just /minimal it will auto assume /unattend so you could just use "/nolicense /minimal /noreboot /nodetection /answerfile:c:\installers\AutoPatcher_18042017\FandFSecurityUpd_18042017.aaf

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