Windows XP x86

Windows XP Releases Both (x86) And (x64)
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Re: Windows XP x86

Post by DesertJerry »

Something to check on: Microsoft Update for Windows - ... px?id=3509

Ran across it today while I was perusing the Microsoft download site - not sure how applicable.
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Re: Windows XP x86

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Version: spring
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Updates Windows with necessary runtime components for running smart applicaitons. The application will connect to and get the latest .NET Framework 1.1 bits as well as DirectX 9.0c bits along with the needed prerequisites. This application supports multiple Windows locales.
Huh? What the hell do we need .NET 1.1 for? Ohh and the minimum of IE 5.0 is just... wow.
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Re: Windows XP x86 - need backup copy

Post by speedy240 »

Hi everyone,
My external backup crashed recently and lost all my good (up-to-date) copies of Autopatcher with WinXP updates. Could anyone be so kind and share a copy?
Due to the hardware that I support it is not possible to upgrade the systems to a newer Windows OS.

Thank you.
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Re: Windows XP x86

Post by Whatacrock »

@speedy240 -- You can still download the Windows XP x86 and x64 releases, they just reside in another list. Releases2

Start Autopatcher, click "Download Updates", click options, in the URL address bar add a number"2"(without quotes) after releases. Click OK, you will be presented with another listing. Download to your heart's content. Once completed and wish to return to main list, start AP, download Updates, click options and hit the default button and click OK.
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Re: Windows XP x86

Post by zapbuzz »

I found an offline base install titled AutoPatcher_WinXP_Aug07_x86_ENU_Core its on afterdawn download site.
can someone please point me to the last version version please :)
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