Office 2013

All the office scripts we have. Support is pretty much over unless we an get someone who is willing to help with these.
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Office 2013

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What exactly do you need to work on adding Office 2013 support to Autopatcher?
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Re: Office 2013

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Someone to list all the updates it needs from a fresh install, someone to throw together a script, and someone to test the detection results. It can all be the same person, in fact that is recommended for ease of fixing errors.

edit: (removed list of updates)
ohh hm seems there is a SP out for it.

KB2817430 (643.6 MB) lmao its practically a new install of office. MS really should look into how to do patching instead of just replacing files. When the download is that large patching can be faster depending on your internet/HD speed.

Also looking at what MS called "cumulative updates for office 2013" makes me want to go find who ever decided to call them that when they are CLEARLY HOT FIXES; and bludgeon them severely. There are numerous articles describing how much of a pain it is trying to update Office 2013 is past SP1.
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