One or More files has failed verification

Windows 7 Releases Both (x86) And (x64)
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One or More files has failed verification

Post by patcher2019 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:12 am

Run Autopatcher after clean install of Windows 7 and worked OK. Tried to run again and get "One or More files has failed verification" Can you tell me how to solve this problem please. Have included Log file.
Autopatcher v6.2.26 Has Started at 11/04/2019 08:02:25

Starting Autopatcher From C:\Users\John\Downloads\AutoPatcher-v6_2_26

Checking if OCX Files are registered.

Checking if an update is already running.
Detected OS: English (1033) Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium X86 Home Premium Service Pack 1
Current Locale: English / Non-Unicode Default: English

checking for obsolete files...
***Downloading/Processing Release List***

***Release list Processed: Waiting for User Input***

Searching For Existing Releases Installed...
Found: AutoPatcher Engine 6.2.26(Restart After Download)
Found: AutoPatcher for Windows 7 SP1 (x86)
Search Complete

The Following Releases have been Picked:

***Running Any Pre-Cleanup Routines***

Download queue processed. Proceeding to next phase.

***Starting Detection Routine Phase***

Missing file Windows6.1-KB3177467-x86.msu
--Adding ... -x86.msu--

***Downloading Releases***

Files to be Downloaded: 1

Autopatcher Failed To Download ... 67-x86.msu
Return code: 22. Description: HTTP file not retrieved. The requested url was not found or returned another error with the HTTP error code being 400 or above.

Download queue processed. Proceeding to next phase.

Download error: C:\Users\John\Downloads\AutoPatcher-v6_2_26\modules\Windows_Seven_x86\NonCritical\NonCritical_files\Windows6.1-KB3177467-x86.msu
File does not exist!!!

***Processing Cleanup Routines***

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