Office 2003

All the office scripts we have. Support is pretty much over unless we an get someone who is willing to help with these.
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Office 2003

Post by JanErik »

Since this good old program is still used by many, it would be really nice to have a full and up-to-date Autopatcher for it, since it is now out of support.
For all those who are satisfied with it, and it is enough for most needs.
And if you, like me, have several language files for spellchecking, it is another good reason to keep it, rather than also buying these anew with a higher version.
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Re: Office 2003

Post by Whatacrock »

Nice to see a familiar face from the "old days"

The release maintainers are now just a group of four (one appears to AWOL), the being ViroMan (programmer), click-click (dotNET maintainer), dkdk_it (currently AWOL) and myself (majority of the updated releases).. we do not currently have anyone to maintain the Office releases.

This has been an issue for some with Office releases....
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