.NET Framework Addon Pack (x86) Validation Issues

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.NET Framework Addon Pack (x86) Validation Issues

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Today I have downloaded soly only the .NET Framework Addon Pack (x86) release (ticking APUP + Autopatcher Engine 5.7.56 + .NET Framework Addon Pack (x86), the download seemed to complete showing no errors

When I run .NET Framework Addon Pack (x86) using autopatcher.exe is says in red unsupported/unofficial

I then ran autopatcher.exe by creating a batch file and adding autopatcher.exe /verbose

below is a copy of my autopatcher.log
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I have managed to get rid of both the Unofficial errors by renaming windnet_components.apm to windows_components, after doing this I reran autopatcher using the batch file I created again.

Autopatcher now says the release is now official, my new autopatcher log is
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I dont know where to start to fix the remaining 2 errors, so i will report and leave it in expert hands
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Re: .NET Framework Addon Pack (x86) Validation Issues

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Looks like the x86 script had a typo in it that caused it to download the apm under the name you mentioned. Renaming it back to the original name was the right thing to do. The x86 script has been fixed. The two other messages are not errors and has to do with hiding dotNET 4 which is currently only supported under XP.
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